String Bridge - Jessica Bell

Author: Jessica Bell

PublisherLucky Press

Rating: 3 Shots of Espresso(Coffee Buzz)

Passionate about music? Curious about the passion of a musician?
Jessica Bell’s debut novel, String Bridge, develops a keen sense of how to show the enveloped passion of a musician. Melody, the Australian musician living in Greece, decides to make a decision for herself rather than someone else. She decides to think about returning to the stage; she is no longer happy in her career that she had chosen over her guitar. String Bridge takes the reader on Melody’s journey and through each of her obstacles.
Bell’s novel is a nice change in the genre where the character decides to redefine their identity or go back to their roots. String Bridge examines Melody’s life and her society defined gender as a female and what that was supposed to mean when she married her music promoter husband. Melody seeks what she wants and carefully decides what type of sacrifices are necessary.
I really enjoyed the connection Melody has with her mother, and the guidance that she seeks from her mother. The people that Melody sees as harboring knowledge, such as her mother, kept me interested in the decisions that Melody would make. I felt like I had invested in Melody and her decisions that I kept reading and waiting to see what she would end up doing by the end of the novel. The passion that Bell portrays through Melody’s desire to be a musician again is wonderful and believable. I felt likeString Bridge is worthy in the way Bell fully develops the struggles of a character who wants to redefine their identity. I felt that Bell examines the situation without simply having Melody being only negative about her current situation. There was a push and pull that Melody goes through that validates this category of novels that I, at times, have had trouble reading. Jessica Bell’s String Bridge does a fabulous job developing the struggles and decisions that Melody ends up making by the end of the novel.
I give Bell’s String Bridge three shots of espresso because I think that those who really enjoy character self-discovery novels will thoroughly enjoy the novel. I know that this is a genre that I normally don’t fawn over, but I really enjoyed this great addition. Also, those who are passionate about music should definitely check out String Bridgebecause Jessica Bell also has a fabulous soundtrack that goes along with the novel. For a great read and a great listen, pick this one up!
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ï(ð~ Erica 
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